Your Fundraising

How about your own fundraising event?
A few suggestions for you to think about:

A collection box at home or in the office
It’s amazing how the coins mount up! You could collect coppers, 5p’s or 20p’s, or how about a swear box.

Coffee Morning
Just suggest to a few friends that it would be nice to get together for a cuppa and a chat and perhaps run a raffle or bring and buy at the same time?

Quiz Night
Everyone loves a quiz, perhaps you could ask a friend to set the questions (or set them yourself if you are brave enough). Perhaps run it as a social evening or ask your local pub if they would like to host it.

Whist Drive
A good excuse to get together and show off your prowess with the the cards. You could sell refreshments and perhaps a small raffle.

Come Dine With Me
Host a lunch or supper at home
With eating out becoming such an expensive treat, an opportunity to dine with friends is always welcome., Why not transform your home into your favourite restaurant and lay on a feast for a small donation of £5 to £10. You might even get a tip!

Excess plants can be sold from your front door
It’s amazing how popular this can be.

Fancy a glass of two?
Why not organise a wine tasting evening, a local wine merchant will be very happy to help with wine, glasses and expertise, all you have to do is supply the venue and guests.

Car Boot or Garage Sale
What brilliant excuse to clear out all that clutter. As friends to have a clear out to, markets will often allow charitable organisations to have a stall for free.

Get workmates involved
A dress-down day, making a small charge for tea and coffee. You could become tea person for the day and charge your workmates by the cup.

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