Asthma & Allergy Research

The AAIR Charity raises funds for much needed research into asthma and allergy research. Our work has seen great leaps forward in medical research.

Student Support

The AAIR Charity offers support to students working in towards research in the field of asthma and allergies.

Thank you to our Fundraisers

The AAIR Charity offers a huge vote of thanks to all those of have raised a great deal of money towards our research.
AAIR is proud to raise funds for the world-renowned asthma, allergy and respiratory research department at The University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine. Since it was founded some 23 years ago AAIR has raised over £5m, helping the department grow from a fledgling unit to an internationally recognized and respected centre of excellence. The team of experts we work with are credited with many achievements and breakthroughs - from helping discover an important asthma gene to pioneering new treatments. Together we have helped attract the acclaimed multi-million pound Biomedical Research Unit to Southampton. From April 2012 AAIR has been run by volunteers. We welcome help in all areas, from administration and fundraising to publicity and sponsorship. If you could spare some time, either regularly or as a one-off, or would like to stage a fundraising event please let us know. We would also ask you to bear AAIR in mind if you know of any local schools or companies which are looking to support a charity either this year or in the future.
Local Property Index Support the AAIR is proud to support The Asthma, Allergy and Inflammation Research Trust. If you would like help us support AAIR and find out more information about renting, buying and the cost of selling a house please visit our website.